1. This 7-aside mini-league will be played in a league format with a round-robin where every team plays against each other twice, followed by semi-finals, and finals (if time allows).
  2. The tournament will be played in 6-aside if the games are played indoors. 
  3. 2 girls must be on the pitch at all times if played outdoors, and 1 girl must be on the pitch at all times if played indoors (this rule does not apply to teachers and staff teams)
    1. A goal by a girl will be worth 2 goals (this rule applies to all teams)
  4. All matches will consist of 2 halves of 10 minutes and a 3-minute half-time break
  5. 3 points for a win; 1 point for a draw; 0 points for a loss
  6. If teams are tied on points scored at the end of the round-robin stage their position will be decided by:
    1. Goal difference between the tied teams
    2. The result in their head-to-head game
    3. Goals scored by tied teams
    4. Goals against by tied teams
    5. Once a tie break has been resolved additional ties will be resolved in the same format using the same sequence of procedures beginning with the goal difference result
  7. Kick-offs are indirect. Goal-kicks are direct.
  8. Rolling subs
  9. During the semi-final rounds, if there is a tie at the end of the game, the outcome of the game will be decided by penalties – first to 5, followed by a ‘sudden death’ shootout. Those nominated for penalties do not need to have been on the pitch at the end of play.
  10. Violations
    1. Yellow card – If a player is booked 2 yellow cards in one game, they will receive a red card.
    2. Red card – if received, the player will be sent off/suspended for the rest of the match. The referee has the authority to suspend the player for their next match if deemed necessary. The referee should also have the right to rescind a yellow or red card. The organizers will moderate any decision of the referee if such violations occur.